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Welcome to our Wellbeing page for Junior Doctors. This page will help you navigate some of the resources available to support your wellbeing.


Have you ever been down to MRI and seen the scanning machine? Have you ever thought about the regular checks, maintenance, reviews, and calibrations that go on to make sure it is able to do what it is built to do without breaking down? Without the care that the MRI scanner needs, it won’t work! It’s that simple!

Now I don’t know how much an MRI scanner costs, but what I do know is that YOU are of unmeasured value, and of uncountable worth, and you have a crucial role in caring for patients… so it is essential that you are cared for, that you have regular checks and reviews and that you are supported to do what you do.


Life is complex – made up of all sorts of things such as your job, your physical health, your relationships, your emotional and social support, your spiritual perspective and much more. If the delicate balance of these different facets is disrupted – and sometimes, it doesn’t take much – then the whole of you can suffer.

In Dudley, we are striving to create a supportive wellbeing culture which cares for you.


Wellbeing support can be found through lots of different people in our organisation who you work with and interact with, for example:

  • Your junior doctor peer group
  • Nursing staff on the ward
  • The seniors who you work with
  • Your clinical supervisor
  • Your educational supervisor
  • The Clinical Teaching Fellows
  • Other people who help support you such as Vicky Knivett in the education centre!
  • The junior doctor wellbeing champion (me)
  • Occupational Health services

So, it’s not just about one person who can support you, but lots of people. You just need to know that you can reach out for support and help if you need it.

Wellbeing Champion

for Doctors

This is a portrait photograph of Dr Richard Alleyne

COVID-19 had a significant impact on junior doctors. It has been widely recognised that levels of stress and burnout were at their highest for many years during these times. In response to this, the need for wellbeing support has been recognised across the nation, and in Dudley, as well as in many other trusts, wellbeing champions have been appointed. These wellbeing champions may work in slightly different ways (there is no set way of working) but the overall aim is to provide direct support to junior doctors, and to help guide the trust towards developing a culture of wellbeing, and meeting the standards set out in various charters which describe some gold standards of what the trust should provide to support the wellbeing of junior doctors.

I am currently meeting with Junior doctors, (either face to face or on teams) in wellbeing clinics. These are not mandatory but are strongly advised for all to attend. During the review, we will discuss various aspects of your wellbeing, and if needed, we will look to develop a mini-action plan to achieve some focused goals. Sometimes we will have follow up meetings, if needed and if helpful to you. 

As there are a lot of junior doctors to meet with, it is important for you to know that if you would like to meet with me sooner than your scheduled appointment, then just get in touch and I will find a time to meet with you.

Feel free to get in touch with me by selecting the button below.


0300 304 7000
(4:30pm – 10:30pm)


116 123
(24 hour helpline – free to call)

Anxiety UK

08444 775 774
(Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 5:30pm)

Rethink Mental Illness

0300 5000 927
(Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 4pm)

Russells Hall Hospital Staff Health and Wellbeing free professional support:

This is a management referral service and offers a wide range of services aimed at reducing ill health at work and supporting those at work with health problems and disabilities

Staff Health & Wellbeing Service – Home

Inhouse Staff Physiotherapy service at Russell’s Hall Hospital

This is a self-referral service to keep you fit and healthy at work and to prevent sickness absence for a range of musculoskeletal issues. It is also available for staff following a period of sickness absence we can assist and support your return to work safely

Staff Health & Wellbeing Service – Staff Health Physio Service

Black Country Healthcare Mental Health Hub

This offer is available to all staff who work within the Black Country and West Birmingham system and consists of to provide an entry point into mental health talking therapies and raise awareness to the information and support available to them.

The Hub: Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

The following link also has many helpful resources and links to free wellbeing Apps too:


If you feel your wellbeing is impacting your work, or stopping you from attending work, Remploy can offer tailored support for a 9-month period. Remploy run a monthly session where you can book an appointment to start your journey with Remploy. Upcoming dates can be found within the Wellbeing Calendar.

Access to Work Mental Health Support Service – Remploy


BHSF RISE Employee Assistance Programme

BHSF Rise provides friendly, accessible, and trained listeners to offer 1-1 and tailored support 24 hours a day. They offer a variety of services to include access to counselling, online GP appointments, financial advice, amongst others.

Watch the BHSF RISE film >>

BHSF | RISE | Employee Health & Wellbeing Service


Practitioner Health

Practitioner Health is a service available to any Doctor or Dentist and is a free, confidential NHS primary care mental health and addiction service with expertise in treating healthcare professionals

Practitioner Health

Action Heart Gym

All staff have the opportunity to join Action Heart gym which sits within Russell’s Hall Hospital. The gym offers extended opening hours (6am-9pm, Monday to Saturday) and as a member of Trust staff you will pay a subsidised membership of £15 per month, or £2 per session if you take a ‘pay as you go approach’.

Free outdoor Gym

All staff also have access to our free outdoor gym, which is located just outside of South Block and offers a variety of equipment to support resistance exercises in particular

Onsite classes

The Trust also offer free onsite Yoga sessions at Russell’s Hall Hospital, which is available to all staff on a first come, first served basis. Access to book any upcoming classes can be found within the Wellbeing Calendar. We are also looking to develop further classes for staff, and this is an ongoing development area. Please note – classes may be postponed in peaks of Covid-19 pandemic.

Fruit and vegetable stall for staff

Pop by to the fruit and veg stall outside of the main reception to buy fresh and tasty ingredients for cooking healthy meals!


Cycle to work scheme

The Trust offers a cycle to work scheme to encourage colleagues to be more active, to include your commute to work.  The scheme allows staff to take advantage of salary sacrifice savings against the cost of a new bike and equipment. Bike storage and changing facilities are available onsite too.


Flu vaccinations and Covid 19 vaccinations

All Trust start are eligible for both flu vaccinations and Covid 19 vaccinations to help them stay protected


Trust Walk

The Trust also offers a Trust walk around local nature reserves and dates for this are advertised via our Trust Communications ‘In the Know’

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