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Simulation-based education is available to all undergraduate students and postgraduate staff at The Dudley Group.

The simulation centre opened in 2014 and is the base for medical simulation within the Trust. Real-life clinical scenarios can be simulated to rehearse rarely encountered emergency situations, providing qualified staff with a realistic safe clinical learning environment.

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Very practical, it made me think more logically about real scenarios

Foundation Year One doctor


This multi-functional centre has the capability to provide a simulated two-bedded ward and an operating theatre. The operating theatre setup has a fully functional anaesthetic machine and operating table. It can also be configured to mimic a GP surgery.

The centre utilises Laerdal SimMan 3G and Gaumard high-fidelity human patient simulator manikins, providing exceptional life-like experiences.

A fully integrated audio/visual system with full recording capability and state of the art Laerdal debriefing software helps to enhance the debriefing experience of our participants. The debriefing room has a high-resolution screen and an interactive slate, enabling clear and detailed debriefing to take place.



  • A two-bedded ward area with fully functional piped oxygen, medical air and suction.

  • Each bed space has a fully functional bedside call button and emergency call button.

  • Touch screen monitors for each bed space allow the manikins to display physiological parameters.

    There is an internal phone system that allows the participants to escalate the care of the patients, depending on the clinical urgency.

  • A fully operational controlled drugs cupboard, for students to gain experience with checking controlled drugs in and out of a drugs cupboard.

  • A range of simulated drug bottles that allow participants to administer intravenous drugs to the manikins. The manikins are able to recognise the drug being administered with the aid of special tags attached to the syringe and the dose being administered.

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& Equipment

There is a range of equipment to aid in increasing the fidelity of the simulation scenarios including a 12-lead ECG machine, an arterial blood gas sampling arm, and a venepuncture pad that participants can cannulate and take blood from for sampling.

The manikins have the ability to receive fluids. As well as being able to catheterise the manikins, there are number of other clinical interventions that can be carried out. , such as ausculatation of the lungs, bowel and heart, and pulse checks.

The centre also has an ECHO cardiac simulator, which is used to aid in the teaching of ultrasound scanning of the heart.

We have a fully equipped audio-visual system that allows the simulation team to record the scenarios. These scenarios can then be played back during the debriefing session, to enhance the debriefing for the participants.

Simulation mannequins in bed in the simulation lab

We were shown how dramatically and quickly a patient can deteriorate – this forced us to think and work under pressure.

A Dudley Group nurse

Our Simulation


Training is delivered by a team of dedicated facilitators with a comprehensive level of clinical and simulation training experience. Our simulation lead is a nurse with experience of acute and critical care areas across the Trust, and has helped develop interprofessional simulation courses for undergraduate and postgraduate staff.

This is a portrait photograph of Dr Nicola Calthorpe

Dr Nicola Calthorpe

Clinical Simulation Lead & 5th Year Programme Lead

Maryanne Miller

Deputy Simulation Lead

This is a portrait photograph of Laura Jones

Laura Jones

Simulation Lead

Braiden Fellows

Simulation Technician​

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