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Who is the

Director of Medical Education?

The Director of Medical Education (DME) is a consultant or doctor appointed to NHS Boards.  Each DME works in close collaboration with the postgraduate deans, college tutors, educational supervisors, medical workforce and other multidisciplinary healthcare professionals.  

At The Dudley Group, the Director of Medical Education is Professor Atiq ur-Rehman. 

Prof Rehman is responsible for ensuring that trainers and trainees employed by the Trust are fit to practice. He ensures that there is a focus on delivering the high standards of postgraduate and undergraduate medical education as required by the General Medical Council. 


Professor Atiq Rehman provides an overview of his role as the Director of Medical Education at The Dudley Group.

A graphic to show the medical education training pathway

Outside of his DME role, Prof. Rehman is a vascular and endovascular consultant surgeon. He trained as a junior doctor at The Dudley Group, and returned in the early 2000’s as a consultant. He has worked tirelessly to ensure the delivery of medical education for many years, acting as the Head of the Undergraduate Teaching Academy since 2010. 

"Our patients have a great expectation from our profession. We have to make sure our doctors are equipped and trained to that level of expectation to meet the demands of the population."

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