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A clinical attachment is a short-term unpaid placement that provides qualified doctors with experience of the NHS.  Doctors undertaking a clinical attachment will not have direct patient contact or take on any responsibility. They will assume the role of an observer. Attachments usually last between two and four months. 

At The Dudley Group, we can offer clinical attachments to the following: 

  • Doctors who have qualified abroad and would like to gain some experience of UK culture and the NHS. 
  • Doctors returning to practice following a break (for example, maternity leave or ill health). 
  • Doctors requesting experience of a particular specialty to aid career choice. 

We offer priority to highly competent doctors who have an intention to apply for vacancies within the organisation. However, completing a clinical attachment does not automatically guarantee a position at the Trust. 

After a period observing the consultant, there is the potential to take on some clinical duties. This will be following a risk assessment, and at under the supervision of the consultant. 

Clinical workshop training with medics

Duties are generally limited to: 

  • Observing consultations and attending ward rounds
  • Participating in patient administration
  • Taking patient histories
  • Observing surgery 

...Offering priority to the highly competent...

For application details or to request further information, please contact Medical Workforce 


Further information and resources for those interested in clinical attachments

Below are some useful website links that can help and support your training.

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