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Appraisals and



The scope of work required for appraisals relates to the job role and duties for each individual. In most cases, appraisals are undertaken every 12 months. Doctors in non-training posts are required to declare the full scope of their work. This involves uploading appraisal evidence that includes CPD activities, linking each piece of evidence to the categories and domains for Good Medical Practice. Reflection must be given to show what has been learned from the evidence that is included.

Full guidance and support is offered and provided by the Trust to every doctor that holds a GMC connection.  This is carried out via a one-to-one telephone appointment. This approach ensures all doctors feel fully supported regarding appraisal and revalidation. Medical Training Initiative doctors are also required to undertake this process.

"Full guidance and support is offered and provided by the Trust to every doctor that holds a GMC connection"


Revalidation of doctors is a key element in a number of measures developed to maintain high quality care for patients. The process ensures the continuation of a doctor’s license to practise in the UK. The revalidation process ensures licensed doctors are up-to-date and fit to practise, giving comfort to patients, the public, employers and other healthcare professionals.

Multi-Source Feedback

One type of information required from all doctors for the purposes of their revalidation is feedback from colleagues. This is also referred to as Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) or 360-degree feedback.

The criteria for revalidation is five appraisals in a 5-year revalidation cycle (one appraisal each year).  and a 360 patient and colleague report that has taken place within the last 5 years.

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Doctors in non-training posts – SHO doctors (often post FY2 level working on staff bank, where The Dudley Group is the main or only employer) must also undertake a yearly appraisal. This is required to demonstrate compliance for appraisal and revalidation purposes and hold their GMC connection to the Trust.

All doctors in training posts must have an up-to-date MSF report for revalidation.


Select the links below to open some useful PDFs to help support you with your appraisal and revalidation.

Below are some useful website links that can help and support your training.

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