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Medical Training


The Medical Training Initiative (MTI) is a UK scheme that allows a fixed number of international medical graduates the opportunity to work and train within the NHS for a maximum of 24 months.

The primary purpose of the MTI scheme is to contribute to improving the quality of healthcare in developing countries. Allocation of MTI placements is offered in a priority order.


Hafiz talks about his experiences as an MTI doctor at The Dudley Group.

Why become an

MTI doctor?

Clinical workshop training with medics

The Medical Training Initiative aims to share skills, experiences and knowledge, which benefits:.

The international doctor, who receives training and the opportunity to develop their skills through exposure to NHS practices.

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The doctor’s home country, who will welcome one of their citizens home with skills, experiences and best practices that will enhance their healthcare provision.

The NHS, which has surplus training capacity that can be supported by suitable MTI doctors.

 Trainees on the MTI receive core training and/or specialty medical training to the same standards of UK national trainees. This is under the supervision of a fully qualified NHS consultant doctor, However, in most instances the training program is adapted to meet the educational objectives of each MTI doctor. It will take into account the type of work the doctor expects to undertake upon return to their home country.

Doctors taking part in medical training
Medical education pathway

The Dudley Group has strong links with overseas medical postgraduate institutions where MTI doctor posts are advertised. As part of the MTI application process,  we undertake panel-led interviews to ensure that all applicants have attained the relevant qualifications required to enter the programme.

We have a very supportive team in this Trust, which ensures that the move for an international doctor to Dudley is a very smooth journey. We provide the necessary skills and induction information, a range of clinical courses (including simulation) and host many face-to-face teaching sessions.

"...A smooth journey for an International doctor to Dudley..."

This is a well-established programme within The Dudley Group. There are many groups and courses available to all MTI doctors, and these may be different from courses previously completed as part of overseas training. One programme that we run specifically, is in association with the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Pakistan.

Development opportunities available to those on the MTI include;

  • Leadership courses
  • Research courses
  • Clinical governance
  • Membership to the junior doctors forum
  • Communication courses
  • Specialty-specific courses

For more information about the Medical Training Initiative, please contact 


Select the links below to open some useful PDFs to help support you with the completion of your ePortfolio.

Academy of Royal Colleges
MTI Standards

Below are some useful website links that can help and support your training.

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